Custom Software Development

Technical excellence + business consulting experience

Intrix Technology, Inc. combines technical excellence with business consulting experience to create technology solutions that meet your challenging business goals. Our clients benefit from our experience in the payments, healthcare, and many other industries as well as our ability to bridge the gap between business vision and real-world implementation. From small startups to high end enterprise class business applications, Intrix Technology can provide the custom solution to drive your business to the next level.

Our custom software development expertise spans the following areas:

Java: an enterprise-class programming language, Java offers the speed, scalability and flexibility to handle large-scale software projects. When you need an application that’s fast, flexible, and highly reliable, look to Intrix Technology for programmers and software architects with extensive experience developing high-end, high performance, scalable web applications in Java.

XML and XSL: XML was created to structure, store, and transport information, while XSL is a language for expressing stylesheets. By employing both in our custom applications, we separate the data layer from the presentation layer, so the presentation is easily updated without touching the underlying data. Intrix Technology has extensive experience with both XML and XSL, allowing smooth data transport with flexibility of presentation.

Database design and development: with many years of experience developing sound Oracle databases that support our software applications, our data architects are experts in ensuring the database structure supports the needs of the application.

UI development: Intrix Technology employs usability best practices and user experience design to ensure the interface is intuitive to the end user. Usability techniques such as usability testing are also available.

3rd party software integration: Integrating disparate software systems can be a challenge, but with Intrix at your side, you have the brain power to solve the problem. Intrix Technology developers have integrated both our and our clients’ software with multiple payment processors as well as several 3rd party healthcare software systems. We understand the intricacies involved with making complex systems work together and are ready to bring that expertise to your project.

Transaction processing: Credit/debit cards, ACH/checks/check21, healthcare transactions. Examples of other transaction types that could leverage our proprietary transaction engine include carbon credit management, swaps, trades, auctions, sports transactions, and more.

Hardware and software integration: Getting software to play with a piece of hardware isn’t necessarily easy. We’ve already integrated several hardware devices with our payment systems including swipe card readers, check scanners, and PIN debit devices.

Security and encryption: The payments and healthcare industries both require intense security and careful handling of sensitive information. Since Intrix Technology has been playing in these spaces, we know what’s necessary to protect sensitive customer information. We employ unique encryption mechanisms along with perimeter scanning and other mechanisms to ensure fully PCI and HIPAA compliant software, servers and communications.

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