What is PM Paymentsite?
Property Management Paymentsite is an online payment processing portal and back office specifically designed to support property managers. It incorporates:

  • A virtual POS terminal for processing credit and
    debit card, check and cash payments
  • Reports for viewing and downloading bills and transactions
  • Admin tools for setting up tenants, sending invoices and configuring your Paymentsite

How is it different from other virtual terminals?
Property Management Paymentsite includes features specifically designed to support property managers. One of these features is rental line items such as lease/rent, parking garage, storage, utilities, etc., with the ability for you to pick and choose the ones you use—and you can even add your own custom line items.

It includes configurable e-mail notifications that let you and/or your tenants know when a payment is approved or declined, if a scheduled payment is coming up, or if a card on file is near to expiring.

When processing a payment, you can quickly find a tenant, pre-filling all the tenant’s information and rental fee amounts to speed your payment processing.

What types of payments can I process with it?
You can process all types of payments with PM Paymentsite, regardless of whether they’re received in person, by mail or telephone, or via a dropbox.

You can accept credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

Debit is also supported—either signature debit or PIN debit.

PM Paymentsite supports check processing, too—you can either enter in the checking account information manually, or scan in a paper check for electronic processing.

PM Paymentsite even helps you track your cash payments, so you have a full picture of all your rental collections.

How long do the payments take to process?
Most payments clear the bank the next business day. That includes check payments!

Is it secure?
Yes, PM Paymentsite is certified secure at Payment Card Industry Level 1: the highest level of certification available.

How do I use it?
You simply log into the secure web address provided at account setup, set up your tenants, and begin processing payments.

How do I add my tenants?
Use our file upload to upload all your tenant data at once—or enter them in on the Add tenant screen.

Do I have to buy multiple copies of the software for my employees to use?
No, you can set up as many employee users as you wish at no additional cost. PM Paymentsite also includes user access controls and custom user roles so you can control the functions each employee has access to.

How does it know how much to bill my tenants?
When you set up your tenants, you can enter the fee amounts associated with each tenant. These amounts will be pre-populated in the billing module, but you can easily override them if needed.

How do I keep track of the payments?
PM Paymentsite includes a full suite of reports to help you track your payments and billing. Transaction and billing reports even allow you to drill down and see the line item detail associated with each transaction. You can easily reprint receipts from past transactions and run returns from within your reports as well.

What if I have tenants who want to pay part with check and part by credit card?

PM Paymentsite allows you to split the tender, so tenants can pay any given bill with as many payment types as needed.

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What is Link2Tenant?
Link2Tenant is an online payment portal that enables your tenants to pay their rent and other fees online, anytime, from any internet-connected computers.

How does it work?
First, you set up your tenants and send out bills from Property Management Paymentsite.

Tenants receive an e-mail invoice, with a link to Link2Tenant for making payment.

Tenants can log in or register for access, then make payment using their card or bank account on file—or they can enter in their payment information.

It only takes a few clicks for tenants to pay their rent and they can do it anytime, day or night. The portal is available 24/7/365, with built-in scalability and redundancy to ensure it is available whenever your tenants wish to pay.

What types of payment types does it accept?
You can choose which payment types you want to allow on your Link2Tenant portal. It supports credit and debit cards as well as electronic check

Is it secure?
Yes, both Link2Tenant and PM Paymentsite are certified secure at Payment Card Industry Level 1: the highest level of certification available.

How do my tenants make a payment?
They simply log into Link2Tenant with their username and password, approve the payment method if there is a card or account on file (or enter their card or bank account), and confirm the payment. Tenants receive an e-mail receipt if the payment is approved—or if it is declined, they get immediate notification, allowing them to go back and enter an alternate payment method to ensure the rent is paid on time.

Who controls the billing?
You have full control over the timing, line items, and amounts included in every invoice. We’ve provided up a streamlined billing process that automatically pre-fills amounts, but allows you to make any changes you need.
You can also quickly send a one-time bill to a tenant if you wish them to pay their deposit, for example. 

How do I know which tenants have paid?
You look at the Billing Status report in your Paymentsite. This report tells you in one glance which invoices have been paid and which are late.

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