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Intrix Paymentsite offers a complete suite of products for any payments-related aspect of your business.
For Resellers - All products can be whitelabeled under your brand!
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Virtual Terminal

Our Virtual Terminal lets you process payments, manage recurring payments, manage customers and card on file, run reports and more. Easy to use and full-featured, this web based tool can meet your back office needs and can be used for payments acceptance in the retail setting too. 



Integrate your website or application to fit your needs. The Paymentsite Transaction API supports XML and JSON. The Transaction API can be used for processing new payments, refunding and voiding existing transactions, creating customers and cards on file, creating and managing recurring payments and more. Reports API provides robust reporting and reconciliation, and a Boarding API for partners to configure new merchants.

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Hosted Payment Pages

Avoid the headache of PCI audits by using Hosted Payment Pages on your websites and in your apps. No need for the customer to leave your site. Pages can be used inside a frame on your page. HPP security ensures data can’t be tampered with. Create cards on file or process payments, or both at the same time!

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Consumer Portal

Let your customers pay online in their own account using Paymentsites Consumer Portal, Link2Payments. You can send your customer an invoice, and they can pay it directly. Consumers can set up recurring payments, create cards on file and more.

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Mobile Apps

Paymentsites Android and iOS native applications allow you to take payments in the field. Got an event? No problem, use the mobile app. Use an encrypted card swiper to speed the process of taking a payment on the road.


Batch Files

Use Paymentsite's Batch File system to support your batch-driven processes. Drop a file with payment instructions and pick up the result file in minutes.

Paymentsite offers complete vertical solutions in a number of areas.



Paymentsite Insurance is the most advanced system for managing all of your premium insurance payments.  Policyholders and insured businesses can use any device to access a self-managed portal to quickly make payments, set up installment options, and manager all of their payment accounts.  Increase your company's efficiency by eliminating paper check options and delivering an electronic low-cost solution.  Speak to one of our Insurance Specialists and realize your savings today!


Property Management

Invoice your tenants or clients via email, allowing them to view and pay their invoice online. They can set up recurring payments and cards on file in the Link2Tenant portal. Customization of items to be invoiced lets you set up the system for your needs. Include a fee for an extra parking spot along with the rent? No problem! You’re an HOA? Its easy to customize the system do what your business needs.

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Health Care

Paymentsite Health offers a complete suite of tools for health care providers. Not only can you accept payments, and not only can your patients access their own accounts in Link2Payient, you can also obtain insurance estimates instantly for any visit. Collect the patient portion of the bill while the patient is still at your office, beyond just the copay!